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Frequently Asked Questions our

Q: Can I request a specific color theme?

A:  Color options available currently are pictured and detailed on the website.  We will have more color/design options coming soon.  Please contact us with your ideas, we may have that in the works.

Q: How Large are the Rental Backdrops?

A:  Currently we offer Flower Walls in sizes, 7’ Tall x 4’ Wide, 7’ Tall x 8’  Wide & and 7’ Tall x 12’. Wide 

Q: How Much Do They Cost?

A:  Prices vary depending on size, color, and if you request special signage.

Delivery Fees will be calculated based on location and delivery and pick-up details.

Please contact us for a custom quote.

Q: What are the setup/ delivery costs?

A: Starting rental charges are for set-up and same-day teardown. If the placement of our rental displays at the location requires additional time or resources to complete the setup /tear down, then this will result in additional charges.  Distance to the location and the size of the displays will determine the resources needed to transport them, therefore delivery charges will be determined once we know more details.


Q: How do I place my order?

A: To get your order started, email us directly at with your Date and preference. We will check Flower Wall's Availability and email you a few follow-up questions. We will send a contract your way. Once it is filled out and your deposit is paid your date is secure. 

Q: What are the Payment terms and deposit requirements?

A: To reserve your date, a deposit of half the rental amount is needed by Balloon Tree Co.  The remainder of the rental fee is to be paid a week before the date of the event set-up.

Q: Can I set up myself and reduce the cost?

A:  Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to pick up and set up the walls yourself.

Q: Can I set up the wall outside?

A:  Unfortunately, we cannot allow for the wall to be placed outdoors. As beautiful as it could look, we cannot risk the chance of poor weather! However, our wonderland Roses can go outside due to them being made of foam. Our peonies version also can not go out due to them being paper as well.

Q: Do you rent outside of West Chester, OH?

A:  We service all of the West Chester, Cincinnati, and Dayton areas.  If your venue is just outside this area, we would gladly provide a quote.

Q: Is it possible to have the wall at our ceremony and then move it to our reception?

A:  Once the wall is set up it cannot be relocated. The wall is not mobile so it would need to be dismantled and set up requiring two Balloon Tree Company team members to be on site. We recommend renting two separate walls.

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